In order to create API keys for Bittrex you're going to have to first, register for an account similar to how you would on any other website. 

Once you have registered, perform the following steps. 

  1. If not already logged in, login to Bittrex

  2. Click the Settings tab in the toolbar.

  3. Select Two-Factor Authentication on the left hand side. You should now see a QR code on your screen with instructions.

  4. On your phone, open the Google Authenticator app.

  5. Still on the phone, Click the pencil icon in the top right.

  6. Click Scan Barcode on the phone, and hold it up to the barcode on the screen.

  7. This will automatically take a photograph for you of the barcode and then provide a code to be entered.

  8. Enter the code provided to the field on the site and press submit. You will now have 2FA enabled.

  9. Now, you will want to go back up to the settings page and click on API keys

  10. Then you are going to want to click on Add New KEY to create your API key

  11. Now you're going to want to choose which permissions you'd like to give Protradingtool access to.  You'll need "READ INFO", "TRADE LIMIT" and "TRADE MARKET" enabled. Withdrawal permission is not required.

  12. Then you're going to want to enter your latest 2FA code and press Update Keys, and you will be displayed your key and secret key.  (Copy these keys somewhere safe now)

  13. Once this is complete, enter the api key to Protradingtool signup form or update in profile.